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When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired

by Mothers

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Elaina Valore
Elaina Valore thumbnail
Elaina Valore I come back to this album when I need a good cry and a smile. Takes me back to another place and time. This band and this album will always mean so much. Thanks for the music. Favorite track: Too Small For Eyes.
somnbody thumbnail
somnbody This album always brings me back to ripping across the desert in New Mexico with my best friend where we listened to it on repeat. When you drive a long distance, you are tired. Favorite track: It Hurts Until It Doesn't.
kurtisbrade thumbnail
kurtisbrade First time i listened to this album, i was pretty fucking sad and i would put it on repeat to sooth my soul. Now, however, i can fully appreciate it for the beautiful gem it is. Fond memories for sure
(pls come to the uk) Favorite track: It Hurts Until It Doesn't.
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all things aside i gave enough of my time i lost a dozen friends of mine but i don't think it will be long now please tell me that you won't be long i hate my body i love your taste bird stirring in my chest you give and take away restless limb, restless mind how time will test its teeth oh god we lived unloved in unmade beds you wore me like a necklace you closed me like a locket became something bloated with doubt bullied by love too small for eyes i think i'm at my best when nothing's needing me walked softly as i could and still i stepped on all their feet i want to apologize to everyone i see i want to apologize to everyone i meet haha ha ha ha
i felt alive for a little while but when i died i had the time to notice i was crushed by the weight of my own ego but never honest enough to say it i felt your love for a little while but never had the guts to give myself up i said that i could be just what you wanted as if i could ever keep a promise you have eyes in every room but you won't see me walk away once i was more than just a song to play on your haunted tape i don't want to be away could have sworn i heard you laughing in the doorway i don't like myself when i'm awake i don't like myself when i'm awake
Copper Mines 03:56
stillness of limbs i am hardly what i say i am i've imagined you one hundred pennies underneath my tongue and my soft dumb heart grows stale at the thought of it what i have to give is small but at least i can admit it but the sum of it may add up to your pin-pricked finger or the number of times i've dreamt it this is me combing your hair in the wrong direction this is me mouthing words to you from the longest distance i've buried you in copper mines never mine never mine nevermind
you've been giving me away to other men most things are born golden until they start to notice i was on your side i gathered twigs between your eyelids until they fell between your eyelashes wove my hair into the bare places and nested down for the evening i preen my feathers in the old milk that you shed for me i wear this dress of indifference and find it quite becoming you say you need me now shut your dirty mouth when i was only a child i sold my name for a small price you've been giving me away you've been giving me away you always made it easy reminding me not to bloom
Lockjaw 05:19
most of me sunk into the carpet what was left of you asked me to leave i was a broken thumbtack i was a napkin in the rain this is how it often goes sold into captivity so long ago this is how it often goes god knows i would know i don't want your kind words i want your ghost inside a thimble i woke up feeling mutilated and i made my way as best i could to my place you love me mostly when i'm leaving you love me mostly you love me mostly when i'm leaving i was half gone when you met me i cut out my tongue seeing yours would speak for the both of us
i think it's about time i was leaving you're stumbling over words i don't believe in but i'm finding new legs to walk with i've been finding new knives to kiss with when you sleep your body turns ghost-white and i can't help but feeling like a fly on milk i crawled back into myself alone i am writhing with certainty i am dancing with the slow death trembling like a drop of mercury i touched your wrist beneath the blanket no use now in trying to change our old ways when someone else's name is stuck between your shoulder blades here are my hands reminding you of someone else's hands god is stuck singing himself to sleep i am not the only one
make me an offer i want to show you everything i'd give up a lifetime to know where it is you've been sleeping everything you touch turns to gold everything i touch turns away i wouldn't have thought it possible i wouldn't have believed it anywhere else i wouldn't have believed you anywhere else
betrayed with every movement cold fingers not forgotten the things we touched with them loved i burned up all my songs and left them out for the dogs i think i could learn to love almost close enough to taste her bite almost close enough but not quite keep those little hands right there in your pockets keep those little hands i can't say that i want them i can't say i believe them


released February 26, 2016


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Mothers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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